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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical structure of the “Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service” business system?

“Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service” associate partners can be located anywhere in the United Kingdom. The system is designed to both maximise their business potential and to help meet the demands of the marketplace.

Although our associate partners are required to market in their local market area, the “Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service” sales and marketing mentoring methods will always be available to you in a variety of ways, such as mentoring you on proven advertising methods, advising you with print ad production and design. The mentoring also provides advice on all services relating to billing, customer service, and daily routing and planning. The “Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service” head office staff can advise on all administrative responsibilities so that our associate partners can concentrate on what they need to do to generate revenue from the cleaning of garbage cans.

Other than sales and marketing, customer service and office support advice what else will I receive as part of the “Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service” mentoring service?

You will receive an operations manual covering all aspects of the business and a tremendous amount of ongoing guidance and support. We do everything we can to ensure that our associate partners enter the operational phase with the confidence and skills required to do the most effective job possible. Ongoing mentoring in the field is of critical importance to the “Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service” to maintain its status as a market leader and help our associate partners to be as productive as possible.

Do I need prior industry experience?

Absolutely not! We are looking for Veterans that are interested in a unique service concept, that have a solid work ethic and have a strong commitment to a superior level of customer service. In many instances you will be making service level commitments to your potential customers (i.e. waste disposal companies, householders and business, around the UK), therefore, it is imperative that we have reliable associate partners that will deliver the high quality of service that the customers require.

What is the initial mentoring fee?

There is no mentoring fee to mentor you. The only funds you will need will be the cost of setting up the equipment and any pre-opening costs of your operation.


What is the term of the mentoring arrangement?

There is no term in your “Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service” mentoring agreement.

Are there ongoing fees paid to Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service? Wheelie bins

Associate partners are not required to pay a monthly royalty or business support fees. Our business mentoring service is free. The only ongoing costs to the mentor would be if the business associate asks mentor to provide anything that is a cost to the mentor, e.g. equipment, supplies, travel & subsistence etc, to support the associate partner when they need it most.

It is also noteworthy that associate partners get paid direct by their customers, which is very advantageous to our associate partners from a cash flow standpoint.

What training will I receive?

We only provide mentoring services which covers all aspects of the learning and training associate partners need. Physical one-to-one training if required is by prior arrangement only and may incur a charge for the mentors time and travel costs. There is no initial or additional charges for this training advice, but for one-to-one training you may need to pay any travel and living expenses of the mentor.

What about ongoing support?

We are your turnkey mentoring center.  We also provide advice and support on customer information for scheduling, routing and mapping purposes.