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We cover all of the St Andrews and the surrounding areas.

To order your bin cleaning service, please complete the form below.

Mob: 07785 251905



Please note* all waste water is contained within our specially designed vehicle. All the products we use are fully biodegradable.

Domestic & Commercial

Services and Prices

No longer need you tolerate bin odours at your home or your premises. The disinfectants we use are extremely powerful against germs, whilst at the same time being environmentally friendly.

After cleaning your bin, we compliment the service by applying a long lasting odour absorber and sweet smelling fragrance before returning them to their original locations.

Would you like your domestic, or commercial refuse bins hygienically cleaned, disinfected and deodorized at your home, or premises?

The Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service can offer the service you have been waiting for right at your own business premises. We have a number of services designed to give you a wide choice of service and price. You can order one of the options below by completing the form.

To discuss your own unique bin cleaning needs please contact our customer service manager who will be happy to negotiate the right service at the right price for you!

Please complete the following form to order the wheelie bin cleaning service.

(All information treated in strict confidence.)

Name: Duncan Stewart

M: 07785 251905



Email address:

First Name:

Last Name:

Tel No:

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Post Code:

Colour of bin:

Number of bins:

Service required:

Type of bin:

Day bin emptied:

Date last emptied:


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St Andrews - Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service