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Benefits of a Mentoring Partnership!
Our no-obligation Mentoring Partnership is exclusivly for Veterans and
by invitation only. Inital invitations are held by an online meeting at a time agreed between the Mentor and the potential Associate Partner.

During your online meeting you will be able to discuss in detail the following:

  • Discuss the the buisness concept and the Associate Partners terms.
  • Hear why mentoring can be more successful than a new start-ups without mentoring.
  • Receive detailed information on the assoicate partnership.
  • Ask questions on training, equipment, advertising, why there are no fees.
  • Ask detailed questions about the Associate Partners agreement.

Benefits of the Associate Partner Option!
Our assoicate partner option when compared to other similar business opportunities includes the following benefits as standard  from the on-set:

  • No royalty or management fees ever.
  • No start-up supply fees to the mentor.
  • Any suitable vehicle can be bought or leased.
  • No start-up marketing package required to be purchased.
  • No service fee to approve products or services.
  • The start-up uniforms package is optional.
  • No restrictions on which territory you can service.
  • No start-up inventory package fee required.
  • Right to service both residential and commercial customers.
  • As big an operational area as you want.
  • Freedom to sell on the business as required.