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Do you have what it takes to be a franchisee?

“The Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service” provides a refuse bin cleaning service for householders and businesses. Knowing the success wheelie bin cleaning services have been, the founders developed a franchise program to effectively take advantage this opportunity in the United Kingdom.

This opportunity still has territories across the United Kingdom in an industry that offers a local service. “Wheelie Bin Cleaning Services” is a leading provider in the United Kingdom and being the first in the market intends on being the leader well into the future.


The “Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service” equipment is easy to use and maintain and is completely self-contained to comply with even the most stringent environmental regulations. The “Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service” concept offers an excellent business opportunity. The service works in coordination with the local refuse collection schedule offering regular cleaning and deodorising to residential and commercial customers.


“Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service” has been helping entrepreneurs just like you start a successful wheelie bin cleaning business by providing the highest quality training and equipment for many years.

Our goal is to help you achieve your dream of owning and managing your own successful mobile “Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service” business.

Own A Successful And Profitable Franchise

We offer different start-up packages, with a choice of platforms. You can choose to start small, and build-up, or start big and become bigger.

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Steps To Becoming A Franchisee?

Complete an information request form?

Receive and read the information package?

Discuss the opportunity with the Franchisor?

Receive a copy of the FDD to study at home?

Discuss in detail the financial information?

Book a no obligation Discovery Day?

Apply to become a franchisee?

Complete the training and start your business?


Is your dream to be your own boss and manage your own business.

Then apply now by clicking above to order a free information brochure, which has details of the comprehensive training and support you receive to become a “Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service” franchisee.


Give us a call to get the expert service you need to become a “Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service” business owner.

We offer a complete turnkey package, which means you become your own boss and receive the rewards you strive for.

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